How to Find Your Personal Style

Finding your personal style can be tricky. It could take a whole lot of time before you lock in on your personal style choices. It is anyway a matter of constant evolution. Having a personal style helps us express ourselves through fashion. You can express your interests to the world through your fashion choices and give a sneak peek into your personality through first impressions.

When we are assured of our personal style of fashion, it instills a sense of confidence in us and helps us shape our identity for the world. It makes you- YOU. When dressing up for casual events, you have to keep in mind what factors of styling are important for you. it could be comfort, or chic fashion sense, or both. You can keep experimenting with your sense of fashion because let's accept it, our moods are not uniform, so why should our fashion be?

In order to find your personal style, take a paper and pen and ponder over your past choices in fashion. Think about different kinds of fabrics, silhouettes, flares, and types of dress that you have liked or disliked, or that you felt suited you or did not not suit you. This way you can create a list of preferences for yourself when shopping next time. Understand what color theory means. There are some colors that brighten up your complexion, and some colors that dull your complexion. You can watch tutorials online to understand color theory better.

One of the ways you can understand your own style is by surfing through the internet and chalking out what suits you the best. Surf through Pinterest for fashion lookbooks, and narrow down on the kind of wardrobe you want. Next, think about what kind of an aura you want to express. If dressing for the office, you want to power dress. Power dressing involves wearing well-fitted clothes and accentuating silhouettes.

Another very important factor is to understand your body type. Understand what patterns, colors, fits and fabrics go well with your body type. Clothes should be such that not only make you look elegant but also help you feel comfortable and confident. Knowing more about your body type can help you achieve that.

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Sometimes it can be nice to step out of your comfort zone as well. Keep looking at different kinds of outfits, without buying, and take risks to buy that piece. It may boost your confidence and help you define your style better.

We also notice celebrities too often on TV, and social media and they influence us heavily. You can refer to celebrity styling and decide which one resembles your body type to take inspiration for your personal dressing. Keep on experimenting and evolving your style. It is not important for it to be static. It takes time and patience, a lot of hits and trials but you eventually find your personal style.

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