Classic Outfit Ideas that Exude Minimalism

When your sense of style is basic, subtle, and minimal, you tend to pick whites, neutrals, lighter prints, and flowy fabrics. You are averse to bold, bright colors and loud prints. A minimal sense of style is characterized by simplistic designs and colors. The clothing choices exude chic, classy style that also has a touch of understated luxury. A minimalist wardrobe can be curated with timeless classic clothing pieces. Such clothing avoids elaborated sleeves, neckline work, bolder prints, and embroideries. Minimalist styles are preferred for better functionality and balanced proportions of silhouettes.

Minimalism stands for Less being more. Minimalism is the style of the cosmopolitan woman who wants to be practical yet stylish. You have to do away with elaborate frills and tassels. It’s about simplicity and quality, exuded via timeless classics in neutral tones. You essentially declutter your wardrobe and replace it with simplistic designs. Invest in classics, premium quality products that become timeless with age. Subdued tones like beige, brown, black, white, and gray are  seen in minimalist clothing. These soft colors promote simple styling,  mixing, matching, and least experimentation.

At We Shine, find a wardrobe full of classic elegant pieces of clothing that work well as daily, formal, and casual wear.

  1. Rosy Stardust Co-Ord Set
    A co-ord set in lighter colors can be a no-brainer pick when choosing a minimalist outfit. Pair this with understated earrings and you are good to go.

  2. Designer Jacquard Sana Silk Beautiful Party Wear Saree

    A saree is the epitome of grace and elegance. When worn in light colors and subtle prints, this saree makes for an understated addition to your wardrobe.

  3. Cotton Fit And Flare Dress Tunic
    This sky-blue tunic is a subtle piece of clothing that is a must-have in your wardrobe. This can be paired with trousers or denim and a suitable sling bag or tote bag.

  4. Vintage Ethnic Heavy Chikankari Tunic For Women
    A classic white tunic, this can be styled with complementing pieces in multiple colors for added character.

  5. Heavy Embroidery Ruffle Cotton Tunic For Women
    This simple yet chic white kurta can be styled in Indian style with Patiala pants and jhumkas or in Western style with types of denim and sneakers, as you may like it.

  6. Our Team’s Favorite Dress From The August Collection
    Go for this neutral-toned dress for a chic feminine look. Wear this on date nights or family dinners. Layer this with a jacket to add an edgy look.

  7. Fit And Flare Dress Tunic
    Pair this pretty white dress for brunch with girls or movie outings. This is an ideal fuss-free option to make a no-brainer OOTD pick.

  8. Lapel Button-Down Short Sleeve Printed Top
    This buttoned-down shirt in light base and mustard collars can be paired with trousers or denim for formal fits or casual fits.

  9. Casual Wear Stylish Tunic
    If you are looking for simple formal wear for your office needs, then pick this plain shirt top to pair with white trousers and sandals.

  10. Printed Fit And Flare Dress Tunic
    This effortless classic fit and flare dress is ideal for daytime looks. If you want a more conservative look, you can pair this with denim as well.

Grace every occasion with your understated style and let your minimal fashion sense speak volumes about your personality.

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